An Experiment in Experiential Learning

Welcome to the Clark family’s record of our family sabbatical!  As is the case with most blogs, you’ll find that our most recent entries show up first, so if you’d like to read this in chronological order, you’ll need to skip to the very first entry and go forward from there. Or, look for the most recent posts which are listed on the right hand side menu.


Our journey began in late February 2014, when Lynn left Denver to serve as a Research Fellow at RMIT University’s Digital Ethnography Research Center.  The rest of the family joined Lynn a month later, and together we spent time in Melbourne, Brisbane, the Great Barrier Reef area, Sydney, and the greater Melbourne area.  We then departed for the second part of our sabbatical, when Lynn served as a Visiting Professor at the University of Copenhagen.  This gave us a chance to visit several places in Denmark and southern Sweden. Together, we learned about cultures, histories, geographies, politics, economies, media systems, Internet access (or problems with it), and people, thanks largely to our hospitable friends who generously introduced these things to us. We finally returned to the States in time for the beginning of the 2014 academic year, when Jonathan entered 10th grade & Allison entered 8th grade.

In August 2016, Lynn had an opportunity to take Allison along to a conference of the International Society for Media, Religion, and Culture held in Seoul. So, reflections on that trip, Allison’s first to Asia, got added on here.

Join us and be sure to leave any comments and suggestions: it’s good to know that you’re here!



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